I am a maker of contemporary ceramics and have been working in clay for 30 years. Form and function are key considerations when making pieces that have to look good and work well. For many years I’ve built in porcelain, making translucent lamps and tea lights. Currently, I’m expanding to include plant pots and planters for indoor and outdoor spaces. This reflects my joy of being in the natural world. I love to study ancient rocks found on the north west coast of Scotland, and walk amongst winter trees. Being in a large landscape I feel small and far away from a busy life; inspiration comes in moments of stillness and tranquility.

         My practice also includes teaching and facilitating workshops, and undertaking commissions for public spaces. I work as a participatory artist running workshops, short courses and residencies in a variety of settings (including my own studio) with people of all ages and abilities. I like to share my passion and enthusiasm for the therapeutic and creative benefits of ceramics. I have an equal passion for working cooperatively with statutory and community groups and the corporate sector to create large ceramic murals and installations such as ’60 Hands’ celebrating the anniversary of the NHS.


          Finally I have been fortunate to travel in search of unique pottery, such as the black pots produced in the Hortobágy of Hungary, and to work with potters overseas, notably in Russia and China.



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